Kuvings C7000 Slow Juicer – Mini Review

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First Look – We take a look at the Kuvings C7000 Whole Elite Slow Juicer – The first masticating slow press juicer with a wide mouth feed chute (3 inch) that can handle whole fruits.


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Review – Kuvings C7000 Whole Elite Slow Juicer


The Kuvings C7000 Whole Elite Slow Juicer  was first released late 2015 to the Asian market and and is now being shipped to USA and will be available early August 2016.  In this mini review we take a look at its main feature and innovations.


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Why a Masticating Juicer?


If you have been into juicing you will know that masticating or slow press juicers produce a great juice quality and a very high yield from the raw produce.  This means when you spend your hard earned cash on organic produce, or even invest in good quality fruit and vegetables at your local supermarket you will get a good yield and that means saving you money in the long run.

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A First for Kuvings

In keeping with other juicers in the range the Kuvings C7000 has a big mouth!  A three-inch feed chute ensures you do minimum chopping and preparing of the raw produce, after all we want to drink juice, not spend ages doing preparation!  What makes this model so special is that previously masticating juicers had small feed chutes, presumably since no auger had been designed to take a whole fruit such as an apple and turn it into juice.

kuvings-C7000 auger

Kuvings have produced a new auger or feed screw made from the extremely hard Ultem material which can easily crush and press a whole apple or similar sized fruit.  Other design changes include a deep recess at the bottom of the auger which reduces pulp in the extract and gives greater yield.


This looks to be a substantial and heavy duty auger that should prove capable of breaking down any of the popular juicing produce, including hard items such as root ginger.

This could well be the best vertical masticating juicer to buy for your needs.

Further design enhancements have been made to the juice bowl which is now one piece, unlike some of the older models which had silicone rings and other fiddly parts to assemble/disassemble.  The all-in-one bottom of the juicer makes for easier cleaning and assembly and also prevents any juice leakage, which can happen when seals become worn or are not fitted correctly.  A newly designed non-drip “smart” spout with easy to operate catch should make your juice dispensing simple and drip free.

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Sorbet and Smoothies Too!

Kuvings have also provided a second blank strainer that allows you produce delicious smoothies and sorbets, making the C7000 a very versatile juicing machine.

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Other accessories include two cleaning brushes in additon to the now familiar cleaning cage that makes rinsing and cleaning the mesh filter a breeze.  Included is a comprehensive recipe book to get you started, and a manual.

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Masticating juicers by their design run slowly and have low noise levels.  Kuvings claim that this new design has some additional noise reduction features, in particular a low gearing motor with a special deceleration design to reduce the already low noise level and vibration.

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BPA Free

Kuvings state that the extracting container is manufactured from BPA-free Tritan material.

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This Kuvings juicer has a 20 year warranty on the motor and 5 years on parts.

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  • Upgraded Juicing auger & bowl
  • 3″ wide feeding tube accommodating whole ingredients
  • 3 in 1 – Juicer, sorbet & smoothie maker
  • Innovative non drip “Smart Cap”
  • Rotating cleaning brush / cage system
  • BPA-free components
  • Low-noise design.

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Demo Videos

Kuvings C7000 Slow Whole Juicer

New Features

Kuvings C7000 Slow Whole Juicer

Kuvings C7000 Slow Juicer – Mini Review

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The Kuvings C7000 Whole Elite Slow Juicer has some great new features and we particularly like the wide feed chute, a first and welcome addition to the range of slow masticating juicers.  The ability to juice and create smoothies and sorbet also make the C7000 very attractive as a multi-purpose juicer.  We look forward to bringing you a full review of this new and exciting model from Kuvings as soon as possible.

Could the Kuvings C7000 be the best vertical masticating juice to buy for your needs?  Only you can decide, however, if you need further information on other masticating juicers please see our Masticating juicer review.



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  1. Reply
    Toni October 7, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    I pulled the trigger on this juicer two weeks ago and have to say that it is everything I hoped it would be!

  2. Reply
    Jorge C October 27, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    Thank you for this review, it really helped me make my mind up about this model. One is on it’s way and I’m looking forward to all the healthy juice.

    • Reply
      TBJG October 27, 2016 at 7:18 pm

      Thanks for the reply Jorge, glad our review was helpful and hope you enjoy your new juicer.

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