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A little bit about us.  When we first got into juicing the myriad of terms and types of juicer were totally confusing – masticating, centrifugal, single auger, double auger, slow press, and so it went on relentlessly!

The result was we bought the wrong type of juicer, became disillusioned with juicing and the juicer lived in a cupboard permanently!  A chance meeting with a friend who had bought a new masticating juicer a year later ignited our interest again.

We spent several days researching and reviewing the types of juicers, manufacturers test reviews, prices and customer opinions before settlling on the best juicer to buy for our needs.  Happy to say we love our favourite juicer. which is in daily use in our home.

We then realised that there are many people like you throughout the world looking to buy a new juicer.  After doing so much research to find our best model of juicer we decided to create a dedicated juicer web site.

We hope this site will help you select the best juicer on the market to buy for your home and that you will enjoy all the benefits that a modern juicer can bring to you and your family!

Best Wishes,

The Best Juicer Guide team

The Best Juicer Guide